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About Us


One of the most successful areas of our company has been the residential. Through the years Bergman + Partners Architects have been working along with its clients to provide the best solutions for their living environments. The results have been outstanding. The harmony of materials, along with the use of textures. Chromatic balances of the interiors and volumes showing creative and innovative facades in all the buildings, have gained our company great recognition and respect. To ensure that the client receives the firm’s focused attention and benefit of accrued expertise, ongoing design reviews, constant monitoring of the design process and quality control checks are carried out at every project stage. Client and user goals determine the design solution, rather than architectural form dictating building function. The strength of Bergman + Partners Architects is the ability to deliver projects on time and on budget. While economics and practicality are essential ingredients of its philosophy, the firm combines art and science to deliver appropriate design solutions, which create inviting and lively environments.

Since its inception in 1962, Bergman + Partners Architects has established itself as one of the leading design firms in Canadian architecture, with an exceptionally diversified portfolio, the firm’s projects include some of Quebec’s most successful and innovative multi-tenant office building; as well as many special-use buildings such as condominiums, commercial complexes, industrial and warehouse buildings, laboratories, and institutional buildings. This includes a 27 buildings corporate park in Ville St-Laurent for Liberty Sites Inc., the headquarters of Revenue Canada in Laval and the South Shore, Le Bristle condominium in CSL, and the C-MAC headquarters in North Carolina. All projects, which the firm has managed, reflect a concerted effort to provide outstanding service levels to our clients, a continuously innovative design studio, aggressive marketing techniques, and an ongoing commitment to maintain the technical excellence and on budget/on-time project management. New areas of practice are being explored, including efforts to secure more long-term relationship with our clients such as the federal government of Canada and the Provincial government of Quebec.